April Holloway
Tax Collector

Hours: 8:00 AM To 5:00 PM

Monday Through Friday

P.O. Box 705
Hazlehurst, Mississippi 39083
Telephone: (601) 894-2732
Fax: (601) 894-3026

The office of the Tax Collector is responsible for collection of the Ad Valorem taxes on real property, personal property, mobile homes, automobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers and airplanes, privilege taxes on vehicles, vending machines, amusement machines and business license, as well as garbage fees, then to disburse the taxes to the proper entities.

Tax Collectors

Left to right: Linda Thurman, Deputy Collector/Bookkeeper; Melinda Terrell, Deputy Collector; April Holloway, Tax Collector; Chiquita Sandifer, Deputy Collector; Kay Parks, Deputy Collector